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Healthy Lunchboxes 

 Eating a healthy, balanced lunch is vital for ensuring children have the right nutrients and enough energy to see them through the nursery day. We encourage parents to follow the advice set out in the Eat Well Guide, which encourages lunchboxes to contain: 

  • a starchy food, e.g. potatoes, bread, rice, pasta;

  • plenty of fruit and vegetables, e.g. carrot sticks, an apple, sliced cucumber;

  • a source of protein, e.g. beans, pulses, egg, fish, meat;

  • a healthy drink, e.g. water, semi-skimmed milk.

The guide also encourages parents to exclude the following from lunchboxes: 

  • foods high in fat, salt and sugars (such as crisps, confectionary and sugar-containing carbonated drinks) 

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