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About Us

Established in 2014, the dream was to start a nursery where children can spend as much time as possible outside, where they can explore, learn, get dirty, challenge themselves, test out ideas and grow their imaginations. 


We want to instil self-belief and confidence through experiences that support children in believing they can achieve anything. 

Personal, social and emotional development is a huge focus for us at Muddy Boots. We believe if the children leave us with the belief and confidence they can achieve everything they want to then we have succeeded. 

We are advocates of risk taking and teach children to embrace challenges, make mistakes and encourage them to believe they can achieve anything they set out to do. 

We aim to teach children lifelong skills, that will continue with them not only throughout their educational journey but throughout their lives. We draw on our own personal backgrounds and the skills we have as a Staff team to widen the children’s experiences, knowledge and opportunities. 

Some of the lifelong skills we intend to teach are; their approach to learning (engagement, motivation, thinking) problem solving, emotional intelligence and creating healthy relationships with others and the world around them.  


Learning Environments 

Our environments are a safe, homely space that promotes discussion, exploration and children’s interests through carefully selected, open ended and stimulating resources. 

Accessing the outdoors is a huge value for us at Muddy Boots. We want to provide children with opportunities that will fill their minds with concepts and memorable experiences. 

At Muddy Boots we strongly believe in the ethos of outdoor learning. When children are in the great outdoors they are able to be that little bit noisier, messier, bigger and faster. Allowing them to feel confident and happier. The outdoors is a place to learn about, and experience the weather - wind, rain, snow or sun - and to explore the natural world of minibeasts and plants. Children also develop personal and social skills in the open air, by staff encouraging independence children feel they can take risks, meaning they negotiate, cooperate, assess possibilities and dangers and take control of their own learning. 


Our teaching is all based around the interactions with the children, we limit paperwork and spend as much time interacting with them as possible. 

We believe teaching should be from highly qualified, experienced adults who have high levels of wellbeing themselves. The teachers are also interested, responsive and excited by the experiences they are sharing with the children. 

Muddy boots teachers are caring, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and patient. 

We are passionate about building attachments with the children and families, staff are trained in theraplay technics and attachments in order to help create meaningful relationships.   

We aim to provide consistency for the children and families with mainly full time staff and a very low staff turnover.

We aim to ensure we have a team that reflects society, with a diverse group of adults from all walks of life, with different experiences, backgrounds and set of skills. 

We promote professionalism throughout the company and take pride in the status of or roles.

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