About Us

 We are an early years provision set in a perfect location in Hamworthy in Poole. We cater for children 2 years old to 8 years. We are open 8am till 5pm Monday to Friday 51 weeks of the year (excluding bank holidays). We provide before and after school care and a pickup and drop off service from and to the local schools. We also offer a fantastic school holiday programme. 


A Day at Muddy Boots Nursery School

 The children have daily outdoor learning walks where they can explore our beautiful surroundings at the beach and in the large open spaces available in Hamworthy.


They will have access to free flow all day, allowing them to be independent in the large open indoor and outdoor space.


Children are able to explore in the sand pit, build their imagination in the role play area, improve their language and communication skills in the mud kitchen, develop their creativity, literacy and writing skills in the creative area and learn their sounds and develop a love for reading in the cosy book corner.


The children will be encouraged to become aware of looking after themselves and grow their own vegetables and fruit in our Muddy Boots allotment. Throughout the nursery day, the children will be learning so much without even realising!


Our Aims
  • To provide a flexible, affordable provision with highly qualified staff 


  • To ensure staff are committed to being responsive and sensitive to children's needs and wishes


  • To welcome, involve and listen to parents regarding their children's wellbeing and development 


  • To provide a home from home, inspiring, friendly environment which promotes independence and learning


Some of the many services we offer at Muddy Boots
  • Weekly rhyme time sessions at the fantastic Hamworthy Library. Children will also be able to choose a library book to take back to Muddy Boots with them each week

  • Play therapy sessions to help boost children's self-esteem and confidence 

  • Weekly gardening lessons with a local gardener 

  • Weekly Forest schools inspired sessions where children will be able to build many outdoor skills


Useful Links for Parents
Foundation Years

Find up to date information on advice, support and guidance in the first 5 years of life. 


Click below for information on mother and toddler groups in the Hamworthy area. 

Outdoor Learning

Find out about the many benefits of outdoor learning

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