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Healthy Movers  

We are thrilled to announce Muddy Boots have just been nominated for the Youth Sports Trust Outstanding Early Years Practice Award! 

Muddy Boots have been nominated for a Youth Sports Trust National Award, due to the importance we have placed on play, physical activity and ensuring wellbeing is at the heart of our curriculum, ensuring that learners’ physical, social and emotional health is central. 

What is Healthy Movers? 

Healthy Movers aims to develop children’s physical literacy in the early years, support their social and emotional development and create healthy, active learners.

Healthy Movers at Muddy Boots 

The children take part in Healthy Movers activities each week at Muddy Boots allowing the following outcomes....
- Improved physical literacy 
- Improved physical activity levels 
- Improved communication and language 
- Improved literacy and mathematics 
- Improved relationships 
- Increased engagement in activities at setting 
- Enhanced school readiness 

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