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Did you know on average we spend 1 to 5 % of our time outdoors these days? this can lead to low mood, difficulty in concentrating, diminished use of senses, as well as higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses, one sure way to increase your time outside...join the Muddy Boots Family and spend a huge part of your day in the great outdoors! 

Join the Muddy Boots family 

What can you expect when you work for Muddy Boots?


Well firstly our approach to our amazing employees is a non-authoritative one, we believe as adults, its not much fun being told what to do and we recognise the amazing work that is done with the children no matter what level or qualifications you hold. For this reason instead of labelling staff as manager, deputy, apprentices etc, all of our staff have the title of Muddy Boots Child and Family Workers. We want staff to use their initiative and work closely with the team, bouncing and vibing off each other! 


Secondly as said above we spend a great time outdoors at Muddy Boots, we do 2 outdoor learning walks a day, these are usually to the beach, the woods, nature reserves or lovely, big green open spaces! It is impossible to go home in a bad mood after having spent your day with the littlest, happiest people in the world and outside in beautiful natural spaces. 

We have a really small staff turn over at Muddy Boots and we truly believe the staff are so happy because their exposure to the healing natural world. 

Thirdly a huge part of the role of a child and family worker is, like it says in the title, to work with the family! We believe we provide the best possible care when we have a fantastic relationship with the family. Our staff are happy to go above and beyond for our lovely families and the relationships we build with them are so valuable and special to us. 

Current Vacancies 

 Nursery Deputy Manager at our lovely purpose built Turlin Moor nursery 

Position:             Nursery Deputy Manager (Child and Family Worker)

Contract:           All year round, full time 

Hours:                 35+ hours

Salary:                 Dependent on experience

Qualification:     Minimum Level 3 relevant childcare qualification

Closing date:     3/06/2021

Interview date:   TBC

Date added:        14/05/2021

How to apply:    Please email a CV to    


Join the Muddy Boots family 

What are we looking for during recruitment? 

We look for candidates that either have or want that connection to nature. Passionate about wanting to spend time outdoors is a huge plus for us. Also candidates that have some awareness of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is exciting for us. We are passionate about becoming an Eco nursery and teaching the next generation the importance of protecting their planet as they grow up, so anyone that can role model this to the kids or wants to learn about this would fit perfectly at Muddy Boots.

If you feel you would a great addition to the Muddy Boots family please email your CV through to one of directors, Mel on